Day Cream with hemp oil 50 ml / 1,69 Fl oz

Enriched with hemp oil - hemp oil also supports the skin's natural protective barrier that prevents the penetration of bacteria, toxins from the environment or drying out. The skin remains healthy and soft, is optimally moisturised and looks beautifully smooth

Extra moisture: this cream provides your skin with intensive moisture for 24 hours and thus your facial skin is smooth, noticeably supple and

With Omega 3 and Omega 6 - Omega 3 fatty acids reduce the formation of inflammatory substances and thus have a positive effect on psoriasis, eczema and other inflammatory diseases

Cannabis day cream – this moisturising cream offers the perfect day cream for every man and woman. The cream naturally gives the skin more radiance

For dry and sensitive skin – this face cream with hemp oil is perfect for the care of dry and sensitive skin

The product does not contain CBD.

9.95 €