1. To what countries is being shipped?

Shipping to Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South-Korea, United Kingdom and United States.

1.2 My order exceeds 2 KG or 4 Lbs?

We can only ship up to 2 KG or 4 Lbs. If your order exceeds this limit, you will have to make an extra order.

1.3 I do not have a home address?

For B2C (private buyers) we only ship to the home address. We do not ship to letterboxes, parcelstations or parcelboxes.

For B2B (business) we can ship to a warehouse.

2. What about VAT?

VAT is not calculated sinds the shipping is done from an EU country to a non EU-country. All orders are VAT exempted.

3. What about customs(import) / state / local taxes?

Customs / state/ local taxes are not calculated. Most orders are beneath a certain amount of exemption to which no taxes have to be paid. In case there are taxes to be paid, you must calculate 10 - 15 % of the order amount, which the buyer will have to pay.

4. Return of goods due to unpaid taxes, what will happen? 

If the buyer refuses to pay any taxes, the goods are returned to Cosmeticalstore. In this case we will refund the order amount minus the costs for returning the shipment and 4 % costs for orderhandling.

5. Return of goods due to no acceptance by buyer, what will happen? 

If the buyer refuses to accept the goods at home or refuses to pick up the goods at the postoffice/parcelstation, the goods are returned to Cosmeticalstore. In this case we will refund the order amount minus the costs for returning the shipment and 4 % costs for orderhandling.

6. Why buy at Cosmeticalstore?

Many of our products can also be obtained at online selling platforms like Amazon, Ebay etc. At a selling platform a seller has to calculate fees into the prices, which can be up to 25 %. We do not have to charge these fees and therefore can offer cheaper products and shipping.

6.1 Can I order as a business?

Yes, we sell also to business in the countries specified at 1. In case you want to order more than available in the shop, please contact us: info@cosmeticalstore.com

6.2 Can I get discount? 

Whether you are a business or a private person, depending on your order we can give a discount. The minimum order amount for a discount is € 250,-- (excluding shipping costs). contact us and we will give you a quote.

6.3 Can I pay in terms?

We only accept full payment in advance, we do not negioate in terms or down payments as a percentage of the order.

6.4 Can you send a pricelist?

We do not send pricelists. All prices are listed at the articles. E-mails regarding such requests will not be answered.

7. Why are some products not to be found on a selling platform like Amazon or Ebay?

Selling platforms like Amazon or Ebay are bound to the legislation of the country where it is located. If a product is not listed on the platform it can be due to legislation (forbidden products, not approved products by the FDA for exemple).

However, if you would travel abroad in to Europe, where perhaps those goods are not forbidden, you can buy them and take them with you as checked bagage on the airplane. 

Since Cosmeticalstore is located in the EU and not bound to non-EU legislation, we can sell and ship the goods to you. 

8. Can Perfumes and/or Aftershave be obtained?

Perfumes and Aftershave are not being sold by Cosmeticalstore. These goods are qualified as flamable goods because they obtain alcohol, which under regulations of the IATA, can not be shipped by airplane.

9. Where can I find more product specifications?

The product descriptions here, are limited. You can find more descriptions like EAN-number, Expiration date, Ingredients, PAO (period after opening) here


10. What is mentioned on the packaging?

The packaging has an instruction and description in English including the ingredients.